We can manufacture many kinds of caps & hats based on your artworks for different styles, colors and sizes. And our designer are ready for your custom requests. Advise us your ideas, or improve any of our samples to suit your market. We also have much fabrics’ color swatches for your choice to realize your designs.


Digital Embroidery:

Our digital embroidery department provide professional embroidery services. The department was equipped with high-tech digital embroidery machines including those of famous brands such as Baruden and Tajima which were sourced from Japan. We specialize in 3D embroidery, multi-layer applique embroidery, sequins embroidery, jewel embroidery, tufting embroidery, chenille embroidery, rising thread embroidery and boring embroidery. Our high quality embroidery attract some renowned buyers to ask us to fill in their orders such as Ferrari, Jeep & Redbull ect.



Using our on-line services, you can on-the-sport chatting with us while you checking our latest catalog on the website. Prompt response will help us to get closer to our customers and make the quotation more efficient. And the data system are put onto website so that we can check with the old data freely and make the works more efficient and easy.





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